Sweet Tooth Shih Tzu - Stole $2300 for a Shih Tzu puppy

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Update by user Apr 28, 2011

This breeder uses 3 different addresses also.

Original review posted by user Apr 28, 2011

I paid Holly Price of Sweet Tooth Shih Tzu in UT $2300 for a Shih Tzu puppy, which included $300 for shipping."supposedly" the puppy fell down the steps and died and she will not return my money.

She keeps dragging small claims court out just buying time and never intends to do anything. I am not the first one she has done this to.

I also found the puppy that "supposedly" died in one of her facebook friends profile pic and it was immediately taken down when I emailed her.Do your homework on breeders before sending them money.

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Had something similar with her last year.I sent $3,300 and all I got was a malnourished frail little boy that was not what I paid for.

She answered my calls the first 2 times I called but would not after that. I emailed with no response either.

I don't have the resources to peruse this in court so I hope this helps with peoples decision.She is a fraud and a crool.


Judgement in small claims court 5/25/2011, was in my favor for the $2300 plus court costs.

to Tzulady #1308153

Nice to see someone got justice. This woman has devastated me with my purchase.

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